About us


We are the true picture of what hard work and optimism yields for a content focused company, having started during the toughest phases for any business type, we surprise ourselves and the readers that started with us with the stages we pass each year.

With the majority of advancements we have seen internally being trial and error simulated, we have become of the most resilient content companies. The security guaranteed to our readers through an ever growing business side of the content action, there is barely a topic or genre of writing we can’t cover, but our strengths are more towards technology.

The readers we are fond of giving us feedback have moulded the platform and every other aspect of running our business towards making the perfect fit for them. The deal of new content on a daily basis, the kind that only gets television broadcast because we have written about it, is one reason they keep sharing the work we produce with the thousands that follow them.

We are confident that the end of the deal where we provide content is never coming to an end for a safe amount of years, as long as technology is advancing, we will keep our readers ahead of others.